We are a nonprofit on a mission to promote community inclusion, independence and growth for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities through residential, employment and cultural enrichment opportunities.

Call the admissions hotline to apply or learn more: 704.875.1328

Group Home Openings

UMAR provides a variety of residential services for adults whose primary diagnosis is ‘intellectual or developmental disability.’ Trained and caring staff support and empower each individual based on their needs and personal goals.


At UMAR, we help our residents by providing supported and individual living situations. Round-the-clock staff ensures a safe, structured environment to help individuals thrive.


Day Programs at our Arts Centers provide countless opportunities for growth and development. Click below to learn about our arts centers and the many ways our participants benefit.


UMAR serves our residents and other adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities by partnering with local businesses to create a rewarding work experience.

“There is no ‘one size fits all’ mentality.  Every participant is viewed in totality, with their individual uniqueness lovingly accommodated. There is a real effort to understand the individual.”

“A godsend for my son and family.”

“It is a valuable organization for developmentally delayed adults to have a safe, productive life and a resource to their families. It’s the best overall group home setting our family has experienced due to the true dedication and caring of the direct staff who live in the home with residents.”

“UMAR provides a caring and safe environment for my sister to live in. She loves it there.”

“UMAR means my intellectually challenged son has a safe place to live, has peers, and is learning how to take care of himself to the best of his ability.”

“My family member is the safest and happiest she has ever been with her living arrangements and the social life with staff and residents at UMAR. She thrives in having her own place and independence. She is the healthiest she’s ever been mentally and physically with staff helping with diet and exercise.”

“UMAR is a place where my daughter can receive love, care, understanding, and encouragement. It is a safe place for her to learn and grow and contribute.”