UMAR, a division of Monarch, provides a variety of residential services for adults (age 18+) whose primary diagnosis is ‘intellectual or developmental disability.’ Trained and caring UMAR staff support and empower each individual based on their needs and personal goals.
UMAR has 18 group homes, each a six bedroom home that offers an individual their own room to decorate, common living, kitchen, and laundry areas, and plenty of opportunity to learn necessary social and practical living skills in a safe, productive environment. Residents often go on outings together, individual dates, and attend their choice of worship services. These homes have trained, live-in staff to help with any need a resident should have i.e. medications, money-making decisions, cooking, and transportation.
Our 9 apartments foster independent living and provide more freedom for the resident. These apartments are fully equipped, accessible one-bedrooms which provide residents a safe living environment. Residents can earn degrees, make their own decisions, drive cars, and pay bills while also having the ability to contact our on-call staff if they should need help in any way.


Our Quality Professionals are designated to a region and generally work to provide leadership and oversight to multiple homes.


UMAR’s Qualified Professionals (QPs) work on an intimate level with our residents to help them reach quarterly goals. They coordinate and schedule resident activities and manage personal plans for the people they support. Through our training, QPs learn intimate details about participants to keep them active and thriving!


Residential Managers provide critical oversight a particular home and work with scheduling staff, medicine administration, resident appointments, etc.


Residential Managers provide the right kind of leadership and support needed to head up our homes. Not only do they deal with scheduling all aspects of their home, Residential Managers also coordinate outings, submit residents needs to corporate, and manage teams of QPs and DSPs.


Our Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) are the heartbeat of UMAR and maintain daily one-on-one interaction and support to ensure our residents are fully supported. 

UMAR provides many different areas of growth and development for our participants. Because of that, we have many different DSPs with a variety of talents and strengths. From helping in the arts centers to getting residents ready to go on outings, our DSPs provide practical help, making them the direct “hands” to support to our participants.


In UMAR’s 18 group homes, six adults live in a positive, healthy family setting. Each adult has his or her own room, and direct support professionals are present 24 hours/day to help residents reach their full potential in all areas of life.


Located north of Charlotte, UMAR’s supported apartments provide residential services that allow individuals live as independently as possible in their own studio apartments with some support from staff. In case of emergency, staff is accessible 24 hours daily.


UMAR is committed to helping people be as independent as possible in the least restrictive settings. UMAR provides services to accommodate independent living. 


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What services does UMAR offer?
UMAR provides 6-bed homes, supported living through apartments and a duplex, as well as a 3-bedroom independent living home. Group home residents gain independence by learning to cook dinner, wash their own laundry, and share in household responsibilities. Residents are active in their community. Many of them have jobs, are artists in one of our three art centers, or attend a vocational program during the day. This leaves residents plenty of time to socialize, enjoy recreational activities and hobbies, or attend a place of worship.

For individuals who do not live in a UMAR residential setting, community/periodic services are available.

In addition to residential services, UMAR provides day programs at our art centers and vocational services.

What are the criteria for admission into a UMAR group home?

The individual must be 18 years of age or older with a primary diagnosis of an intellectual or other developmental disability. UMAR considers age compatibility within a home, personality compatibility, location as it applies to the family and specific physical requirements of the individual. To ensure that an individual’s placement is beneficial to both the individual and the other group home residents, a 90-day trial period is standard for all new admissions.

Can UMAR provide support to my family member in our home?
Yes, UMAR can provide services to an individual that lives with a family member/guardian or in their own home. UMAR is contracted through several managed care organizations (MCOs) to provide home and community services such as: community living and supports, respite, community networking, supported employment, and an array of (b)(3) services. These services focus on self-help, community inclusion, socialization, leisure skills, as well as other areas to help the individual reach their fullest potential.
How are the group homes staffed?
Staffing is available 24/7 by qualified direct support professionals. Most UMAR homes have live-in staff that work 7-days on and 7-days off. A few homes have 3 shifts of awake staff, due to the needs of the residents. At our apartments, staff is available 24/7 although no staff member lives on site.
How big is a group home?
UMAR homes average approximately 3,000 sq. ft. with 7 bedrooms (one for overnight staff) and common living areas. In this domestic environment, residents learn independent-living skills and enjoy a social atmosphere that is not available in other long-term care settings.
How many homes does UMAR manage?

Across western North Carolina, UMAR currently operates 18 group homes, each housing 6 individuals. The first group home was in High Point. In addition, UMAR has group homes in Asheville (2), Charlotte (5), Concord (1), Cornelius (1), Lincolnton (2), Gastonia (2), Greensboro (1), and Winston-Salem (3). UMAR also operates 1 independent living home that serves 3 men in Cornelius.

In addition, Monarch, UMAR’s parent company, operates residential programs across North Carolina and individuals applying for residential services have access to both Monarch and UMAR living options. 

How many apartments does UMAR manage?
UMAR operates 9 one-bedroom apartments in Huntersville and a duplex in Charlotte.
How many people does UMAR support?

UMAR serves over 400 individuals through its programs and services including more than 135 specifically in residential services.

What age are UMAR residents?
UMAR residents vary in age (from 18 to 70), gender, race, religious, and ethnic backgrounds.
Does UMAR have a registry for its group homes?
UMAR keeps a list of individuals that have specifically requested our services and whom we are unable to accommodate at this time. In North Carolina, over 7,000 individuals with developmental disabilities (not served or underserved) are on waiting lists for services and supports.


For information on our residential services, call (866) 272-7826 or email [email protected].