UMAR, a division of Monarch, works diligently to provide the best services to those in our residential, day, or vocational programs – and your support makes that possible. Charitable contributions are increasingly more critical as state and federal funding cuts diminish the amount allocated for services provided to meet the needs of our participants. Your charitable contribution to UMAR allows us to continue to provide the high-level of services our participants have come to expect.

A gift to UMAR translates into services provided for medicinal administration, managed home services, personal arts counseling, and assistance with needed vocational resources. Donations also help supply food, toiletries, transportation, and other necessities to help us provide a quality life for those who are so deserving.

Donations designated to UMAR programs and services are directed according to the donor’s wishes. Your contributions are handled with the highest levels of integrity and accountability and are always used for their intended purposes. Smiles will be added to artist’s faces, an increasingly better quality of life will be afforded for those in our homes, and the quality of resources for those seeking employment will thrive.

Types of Gifts:

Gifts of Cash
In this day and age it may come as a small surprise – we will accept cash! If you send a gift of cash using either a check or money order, please indicate if there is a special designation on how you would like for your gift to be used. Also remember, if you send a postmarked gift by December 31 of the year, even though it is not yet in our hands, you will receive the charitable contribution in the year the gift was mailed. This is helpful in making final year-end tax preparations.

Please send all mailed gifts of cash to:

Development Office
5350 77 Center Drive, Suite 201
Charlotte, NC 28217

Online Gifts of Cash
One of the safest, easiest, and fastest ways to make a gift to UMAR is through our secure online donation platform. Encrypted for your security, UMAR accepts donations made through all debit cards, as well as through all major credit cards. Remember, if your gift is submitted before midnight on December 31, your gift will be tax deductible in your year of contribution. This is another great way to make a last minute year-end gift adjustment to a worthy cause.
A unique way to gift to UMAR is through the donation of physical assets, such as vehicles, books, toiletry items, furniture, appliances, artist supplies, etc., that will help advance the mission of UMAR. UMAR welcomes items that are in good repair and those which are budget relieving in nature.

Here are some wish list items that would help UMAR:

• Paper towels
• Toilet paper
• Ziploc bags (any size)
• Canned goods
• Plastic cutlery
• Individually wrapped snacks
• Laundry detergent
• Art supplies
• Cleaning supplies

Gifts which are designated to a specific individual(s) are not considered tax-deductible by the IRS.

To inquire about making an in-kind donation, or to arrange a pickup, please call 704.659.7643.

Gifts of Stocks and Bonds

Gifts of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds have a direct and immediate impact on UMAR and our mission. When assets are transferred to UMAR’s broker, they are immediately sold as we are not in the business of managing assets of this nature. Revenue generated from the sale of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds go immediately to offset existing needs.

As a donor, you will receive an immediate income tax deduction for your contribution based on the current value of the asset.

Steps to initiate your gift of stock to UMAR: 
1) To begin this process, please supply these Stock Gift Instructions to your broker.
2) The donor’s broker should contact Mr. Darren Morton, VP/Institutional Advisor at First Citizens Bank (704-338-4396) to inform him of the incoming gift.
3) The most commonly used transfer instructions can be found here: Stock Gift Instructions


Gifts of Retirement Assets
Retirement-plan benefits left to heirs are more highly taxed than other assets. Consider giving them to UMAR instead to make a meaningful gift and leave other assets to heirs. Gifts can be made by naming UMAR as the beneficiary of a portion of or the whole retirement account (IRA, 401K, 403b, etc.). Withdrawals can continue to be made during your lifetime, and you can change the beneficiary at any time, if circumstances change. Income and estate tax on the remaining balance of your retirement plan will be avoided and by gifting your retirement account (the most-taxed asset of your estate) to UMAR, you can leave more favorably taxed property to your heirs. All that is required is to name “UMAR” as owner for a portion of all of your IRS qualified plan.
Gifts of Real Estate
Gifts of real estate are another powerful way to make a positive contribution to UMAR. Gifting a home, vacation property, ranch or farmland, vacant land, or commercial property, is a great way to avoid paying capital gains tax on appreciated real property. To take advantage of this tax benefit consider donating your property to UMAR. Contact Andra Eason at 704.659.7624 for more information on making a contribution of real estate.
Gifts of Insurance
A great way to provide a gift to UMAR is through the gifting of a life insurance policy. Often times life insurance policies are purchased to provide for minor children who are now financially secure, independent adults. When a policy has outlasted its intended purpose it can be gifted to UMAR. Once donated to UMAR, we will hold the policy until it matures then we will cash the policy for the cash value.

This can also be used to provide tremendous resources for UMAR while protecting the amount of assets distributed to your family. Many individuals have large estates to be distributed among their heirs. By making UMAR the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, the estate is never touched, allowing family to receive the highest benefit while providing UMAR a generous donation.

Additional benefits include:

Income tax deduction

  • If a policy matures in your lifetime, UMAR may surrender the policy for a cash payment allowing you to see first-hand your money at work.
  • If UMAR retains the policy to maturity, you could receive additional taxable deductions by making annual gifts to offset to premium payments that UMAR will begin to make.
  • If we retain the policy to maturity, or you name us as a beneficiary, once the policy matures, the proceeds of your policy will be paid to our organization so that we can use the proceeds of your gift to further our charitable work.

How to make a gift of life insurance

To make a life insurance gift, contact your life insurance provider and request a change be made to your designated beneficiaries through their beneficiary designation form. Simply include UMAR as the beneficiary of your policy. It is that simple to make a huge impact.

Facebook Fundraising

Facebook fundraisers have raised over $24,000 for UMAR – proof that small actions make a big impact.   

Your advocacy on social media can make a difference. Facebook fundraisers are an easy way to engage your friends and family with UMAR’s mission and create donors and advocates in every corner of your social circle. If you have an upcoming birthday, or simply want to help support our mission, consider creating a Facebook fundraiser.

Car Donation

UMAR is in need of several cars that are clean and in working order. If you or anyone you know has a car they are willing to donate, please contact our Chief Development Officer, Andra Eason, at [email protected] and let us know! Don’t forget… your donation is 100% tax deductible!

Passive Giving

Did you know you could be generating donations to UMAR by simply conducting an internet search or shopping online? Passive fundraising is a way for supporters like you to earn money for UMAR by taking actions you were likely going to anyway. Click the button below to learn more about ways you could be generating passive donations for UMAR. Each is free and easy to use!