Did you know you could be generating donations to UMAR by simply conducting an internet search or shopping online? Passive fundraising is a way for supporters like you to earn money for UMAR by taking actions you were likely going to anyway. Below are some ways you could be supporting UMAR. Each is free and easy to use!

Recurring gifts to UMAR are the gifts that keep on giving – literally! Recurring gifts are a great way to help sustain programs and ensure UMAR has a steady flow of funding. This method isn’t entirely passive… you’ll need to make an initial donation and set the frequency of your gift.  However, once you set it up, your donation will be made automatically at your preferred interval (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly)!

It doesn’t get any easier than this. You can support UMAR by simply searching on Bing. When you join Give with Bing, you’ll earn points on internet searches that can be directly donated to UMAR. It’s free to sign up and takes only seconds to get started.

Shop. Save. Give. When you use you’ll find the latest coupons and offers at thousands of top retailers. The best part is that a percentage of your purchase is donated to your chosen cause. Sign up, select UMAR as your preferred charity, and shop to support UMAR!

Another website you can use to raise money for UMAR while shopping online is ShopRaise. You can support UMAR by making everyday purchases at thousands participating retailers like Macy’s, Petco, and Cabela’s. Download the free ShopRaise app or Chrome browser extension for an easy way to flex your philanthropy muscles!

Another way to give passively by online shopping is to use Since 1997, the online portal connects users to thousands of retailers where a percentage of your purchase is donated to your selected cause. It’s free to use with no added costs, obligations or hidden fees. You don’t need to enter any codes either… it’s all automatic!